Audio-visual distraction in pediatric dental clinic

Audio-visual distraction in pediatric dental clinic

Audio-visual distraction in pediatric dental clinic    

Even distractions can be useful in kids do you know how? Children in general always bubble with energy, their energy always keeps busting because of two reasons, the eye which sees and ears which hear. So whenever they see or hear something which they like, their concentration gets focused on that where they tend to forget the entire world, this concentration results in time-lapse, people surrounding them (even their parents) and external world. This is not what I tell or we tell, it is actually scientifically proven by many researchers. What we are going to do now is applying this concept in the pediatric dental office, so that the children, who walked into a pediatric dental clinic, are provided with attractive colors to the eyes and so that they like a place at the first sight. This is a visual distraction.

A colorful and mind engaging play area is mandatory in every pediatric dental clinic for visual and mental distraction. There will be a television, computer, monitor, audiovisual speakers, especially in the dental chair. These devices when in action during the treatment can provide the audiovisual distraction. It has also been proved that audiovisual distraction highly reduces dental anxiety and fear when treatment is carried out. By audiovisual distraction, the threshold of pain is increased where existing fear and pain are interconnected, especially in children.

 Audio-visual distraction with nitrous oxide inhalation sedation (NOIS) is highly potent in handling children who are highly anxious. It is not the question of handling the dental problem as important it is a question of handling the child with the dental problem which is more important.

This combined methodology of children handling dental problems ensures that they have a very pleasant experience with the whole process and they will feel highly receptive and positive for a future dental visit. If they have a positive attitude, in the future handling them for more severe dental problems would be quick and easy.


A playful and colorful environment for the child will look very ordinary for the parents. But a lot of scientific understanding has gone through in the execution of the whole process.

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