Baby teeth and caps/crowns?

Baby teeth and caps/crowns?

Baby teeth and caps/crowns?

Let us see a list of FAQ’s that parents are concerned about when the dentist mentions “caps for baby teeth”

Q1: These are milk teeth. Are caps really required?

A: Even though baby teeth are there for a relatively shorter time, they are still around till your child turns 11-12yrs. Fillings alone may not be enough in certain cases. So yes, caps will be required.

Q2: What are these situations in which fillings alone may not be sufficient?

A: Here’s a ready list!

1. Generally teeth have multiple sides/surfaces. In cases where there are cavities on more than 1 surface, it may not be feasible to do fillings on each side. Caps will cover the entire tooth and all the surfaces and are therefore the better choice. No entry points for germs!

2. Following root canal treatment: Milk teeth in general are very brittle and prone to fracture and have to be capped!

3. Special cases: In certain situations, there may be mineral defeciencies in teeth. Rather than fillings( which may break away) caps are preferred.

Q3: What are the different options in crowns?

A: For children there are mainly 2 types of crowns: stainless steel and zirconia. Main difference between the two is zirconia is pearly white, tooth coloured and more esthetic.

For front teeth, there a different category of tooth coloured material is available.

Stainless steel vs. Zirconia crowns

Options for front teeth

Q4: By putting a cap on a milk tooth, am I delaying eruption of the permanent tooth?

A: Absolutely not! The cap will be in place till the tooth naturally falls off.

Q5: Any problems in biting?

A: Again, no! Maybe your child will take about a week to get used to the cap but its smooth sailing after that

Contact your nearest paediatric dentist in case of more queries.

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