Children and Colours in the Paediatric Practice

Children and Colours in the Paediatric Practice

Children and Colours in the Paediatric Practice

Have you noticed how all play schools, paediatric therapy centres, hospitals and clinics are brightly coloured?

As parents you must have also noticed your child being drawn to “happy” colours and lights. Basically, children love colour!

  1. Sight starts developing around the sixth month post birth and continues to develop till age 10. Bright colours are easy to distinguish and that is why babies are drawn to it.
  2. Research has shown that the colour of the environment affects the mood and consequently the behavior of the child. That is why primary colours like green, blue, yellow are preferred. The have a calming effect. This is true for adults also. Try changing to bright clothing if you are depressed or anxious about something!
  3. Children have a very wide imagination, especially at the ages of 5-7, when the brain is at maximum capacity. Also, they can be distracted easily by paintings and cartoons at this age. We make maximum use of this fact to manage the behavior of the child at the dental clinic

That is why, colours are so important in any paediatric practice. Gone are the days of the starched, boring white coat, which only instilled fear in the child! Printed or coloured aprons are preferred by paediatric surgeons as they “click” with children.

No paediatric dental practice has monotonous or muted colours. They are always bright and cheerful, just like how we want your child to feel after every appointment!

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