Chin Cap

Chin Cap

Chin Cap

An orthodontic chin cap is an extra oral appliance which is used when patients have an excess growth lower jaw growth or deficient upper jaw growth that exhibits short lower facial height.

Chin cap therapy is typically recommended in younger patient with the goal of restricting the growth of lower jaw or redirect the natural growth in desirable direction.

How the chin cap works?

It has been shown that chin cap redirects the lower jaw growth, rotates the lower jaw backwards, retards the growth and remodels the lower jaw. Thus it increases the lower facial height.

Usually the appliance is worn for 10-12 hours per day for several months to few years.

Chin cap is attached to an elastic band that usually fits over the head and put a moderate force on the lower jaw to help the restrict its growth. The upper jaw is allowed to grow at its normal rate and out space the growth of lower jaw. This helps realign the jaws and face into more harmonious growth.

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