What does crowding of teeth mean?

The condition basically means there is not enough space within the jaw for all the teeth to develop properly. Children usually have a considerable amount of space between their teeth as a normal phenomenon so that the developing adult teeth also develop properly.

Thus if your child’s teeth seem to be overcrowded and crooked due to lack of normal spacing within their teeth, it is a major concern to be corrected at their right age.

What will be the causes of crowding of teeth in your children?

  1. Hereditary factors
  2. Oral habits like thumb sucking, finger biting, tongue thrusting etc.

What are all the problems your child will face due to crowding of teeth?

  1. It is not only just an aesthetic problem to your child
  2. It makes your child more difficult to keep their teeth and gums clean
  3. Dental caries
  4. Gum disease
  5. Makes chewing more difficult
  6. Speech difficulties
  7. Bad breath

Treatment options for crowded teeth…

A dentofacial orthodontist helps children to solve their crowded teeth problem.

They provide you orthodontic braces to deal with the crowded teeth and give your child a natural, more attractive smile and help them to develop healthy teeth, gums and bones.

We love giving your young kids new confidence.

Some of our kids treated for crowding and ended up with a confident smile!!!

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