Reasons for crowding of teeth?

There are many causes for malignment of teeth but the major cause of crowding of teeth is due to abnormal muscular pressure from the lips, tongue and other poor habits of children. These habits includes, Mouth breathing, sucking of thumb, feeding bottle, sucking of lips, tongue thrusting, nail biting etc.

Why use Myobrace?

If the crowding of teeth is due to one of the above mentioned reasons then myobrace is best treatment of choice. Waiting for all permanent teeth to begin treatment with braces can unfortunately lead to irreversible damage of teeth, and also the child’s overall health and development.

Myobrace is a myofunctional appliance used for natural way of aligning the tooth.

It acts by balancing the muscular pressure to its ideal requirement and inhibiting the deleterious oral habit thereby balancing the jaw growth and the alignment of teeth is indirectly manipulated by these myofunctional forces (muscular pressure).

So that we can avoid the use of braces, if the problem is found out at its earlier stages.

What is the correct age of using Myobrace?

How does the Myobrace work?

As mentioned earlier muscular pressure is balanced by the use of Myobrace along with some exercise like training the tongue to rest in the roof, making the mouth breathing kids to breathe through nose, preventing thumb sucking etc. These not only correct the malignment but also improve the facial development.

In addition to this some problems like Sleep apnea, teeth grinding, night wetting etc can also be treated under proper consultation from your paediatric dentist.

How long Myobrace should be worn?

Myobrace should be for 1-2 hours initially for 3 days as the children has to get accustomed to it. Then followed by wearing it throughout the night for 6months to 1 year.

How to get Myobrace?

Myobraces which is made in silicon rubber comes in pre-fabricated sizes. Which are available in various sizes according to children jaw size. No need to make measurement for manufacturing the customized myobrace. There are 4 stages in the treatment of myobrace. Myobrace comes in kids attractive colours but customized colors are not available.                                                                                                     

What is the cost of Myobrace?

Cost varies depending upon the stage of myobrace to be used. But the cost of treatment with myobrace is five times cheaper than the conventional orthodontic treatment with braces.

Can all the tooth alignment be treated with Myobrace?

No, not all the dental correction can be made with myobrace. Depending upon the conditions of the jaw growth and dental alignment myobrace indication may vary.

Visit your paediatric dentist who is the certified person for making correct choice of treatment to avoid the braces at the later stage.

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