What drove you to launch this clinic exclusively for kidz 'n' teenz?

Children with erratic diet patterns and improper brushing habits are more prone to early childhood caries. Dental problems among children and teenagers are widely prevalent but most often neglected as parents are not well informed. So the primary objective of this clinic is to create awareness among parents that these problems should be given attention in a child friendly ambience leaving pleasant memories in the child's mind. Moreover we felt that the dental clinic environment for the children needs a complete mental makeover from the entry to get the cooperation from the patient, so that your child will not have any psychological fear and anxiety about the dental treatment.

What makes this clinic different from the other dental clinics in city?

This First Exclusive pediatric dental clinic in Anna nagar is special because it provides care right from the prenatal dental counseling to pregnant mother's upto dental care for adolescence.

The two main doctors in this dental clinic are pediatric dental surgeons who have done their Masters Degree in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry and have more than eight years of experience in the field.

As these doctors are well trained and experienced in Child Management and Child Psychology, they are well equipped in handling the anxiety and tantrums usually experienced by children during the dental visits.

Here in this clinic, more attention will be given for the Preventive Dental Care which is a neglected part of dental treatment in the town.

First dental clinic in Chennai which offers 24 hour dental trauma helpline.

It is first of its kind in Chennai to provide paperless data management (fully computerized) convenient symbiotically for the patients who walk in for treatment as well as for the doctors who take good care of them.

We do provide a timely & a team oriented preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatment which corrects teeth alignment problems at an early age.

We are unique to provide sports dentistry i.e., special preventive and comprehensive care for the children involving sports like martial arts, athletics to avoid tooth fracture.

How is it possible to provide dental treatment when the foetus is in the womb and the first teeth has not yet erupted?

Guidance is provided to pregnant mothers on prevention of oral diseases or the necessity of oral care as these oral diseases might lead to greater incidence of premature low birth weight babies and greater chances of vertical transmission of bacteria from the mother to the child after birth resulting in early childhood dental problems when the teeth starts erupting.

So, when should the child have his/her first dental visit?

A newly born baby should have a first dental visit after the first tooth erupts within the first year of life.

How do you manage very anxious children?

Basically we spend a lot of time with them. We do not jump into any kind of treatment unless and until the child is ready to accept. There are certain scientifically proven techniques like Tell-Show-Do, Modeling which we perform and then carry out the necessary treatment.

Is there any special way of managing special children?

Every special child is special to us as their priorities and needs are different from each individual. There are special indigenously made toothbrushes according to the type of problem for each patient. If they are not able to co-operate in the dental chair the same quality dental care is carried out under general anesthesia.

Is it safe to have dental treatment for such children under general anesthesia?

If all the necessary protocols needed to carry out the treatment are meticulously followed, dental treatment under general anesthesia (GA) is a safe and qualitative bet than any other mode of management. In some patients like bleeding disorders it is wise to do under GA rather than doing in dental chair, as it provides an extra yard of safety for the child. Moreover we also have a wonderful pediatric team comprising of a pediatrician, pediatric anesthetist to provide the best for your child.

What is the uniqueness of your dental clinic for children in India?

We are trained, equipped and specialized to do dental treatment with "No Pain No Gain" concept under conscious sedation (NOIS-Nitrous oxide Inhalation Sedation). It is also referred with other acronyms such as Laughter Dentistry, sleep dentistry etc…..We are one among the few dental clinics in India who practice this concept of dentistry.