The “American Academy of pediatric Dentistry” recommends first dental visit within first year of birth of a baby. The reason cited is to inculcate preventive dental care for the child to the mother and the anticipated dental problems in the future and how to avoid it.

But in a developing country like India where dentistry is more of therapeutic care where the public reach out to dental care only when the problem arises. Pediatric dental service becomes a sought after service only by the upper class and upper middle class in a private dental setting. The public is also not much aware of preventive kids dental care and moreover of first dental visit for a baby within first year of life.

Usually children are seen only when they start with cavity issues because of motherfeed at will or prolonged or night bottle feeding. The next common reason of visit could be trauma for the teeth and surrounding structures. So a child is seen mostly when a problem arises rather than preventing the problem.

The babies who are usually seen within first year of life are expatriates from other countries residing in India or Non resident Indians visiting hometown for a brief stay or a holiday.

The cost versus benefit ratio of preventive versus therapeutic care in pediatric dentistry stands at 1:40. So every one rupee spent at preventive assessment helps a long way in avoiding therapeutic care at the cost of forty rupees.

So it is our kidznteenz duty to bring awareness to the public to have your baby  assessed for a pleasant first dental visit within his/her first year of life.

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