Fractured teeth? Can be managed naturally! Here’s how:

Fractured teeth? Can be managed naturally! Here’s how:

Imagine this, summer vacation, football or some other “outdoorsy” sport, a fall and the result, a badly broken tooth.

A very common scenario in most of our households. Worried parents come to us, clutching the broken fragment and ask, “Can it be re-attached?” Our answer is, Yes.

  • In the case of a simple fracture of the tooth’s crown (the portion that is seen outside), we can attempt to attach the same tooth fragment.
  • If the fracture is very deep and has involved the nerves, a root canal therapy may be required. Still, the same fragment can be used to give more a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

But what if the fracture involves the root (the portion inside the gum) as well?

In that case, it is termed as a complicated crown-root fracture. This too, may or may not involve the nerves.

  • Taking an X-ray is a must to see the extent of fracture because, it cannot be predicted.
  • Emergency treatment involves fixing a splint to reduce the mobility of the affected tooth- in the same way a general fracture is fixed.
  • We can attempt to expose the fractured area by slightly cutting the gum and giving a crown after root canal treatment
  • If the child is very young and there is no sufficient amount of root, we may have to modify the root canal treatment slightly and give a calcium rich material called MTA to seal the root.
  • Maximum attempt is made to save the tooth. If the fracture is really very deep and most of the root is gone too, we may have to consider extraction. Of course, an artificial tooth will be given in place.

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