How safe are the full mouth X-Rays?

How safe are the full mouth X-Rays?

How safe are the full mouth X-Rays?

In the last post, we had seen the uses of full mouth X ray called Orthopantomogram (OPG).

The benefits are more, agreed, but what about the safety? So let us go back to basic mathematics here:

Imagine a child is having cavities at 4 different places in the mouth. With a basic intra oral film, we can see a maximum of two /three teeth properly in a particular area. That means if cavities are there in four completely different places, we have to take 4 separate films. Meaning 4 times we have to expose the child to X Rays.

Instead is it not better to take a single large film with single dose to see all the areas in the mouth?

That being said, dental Xrays make up just 1/10th of the environmental radiation a person is exposed to on a daily basis..

In addition, the child is draped with a lead apron and collar for extra protection.

In conclusion, an OPG is completely safe. And completely required, if the full mouth is to be seen at one go.

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