How Tooth chipping affects Kid’s Milk Teeth

How Tooth chipping affects Kid’s Milk Teeth

How Tooth chipping affects Kid’s Milk Teeth


Your kid’s teeth can become chipped, cracked, broken into pieces and knocked out completely as a result of minor/major injuries.

Kids often knock out their front tooth during fall/injury, this is because the upper jaw for the kids are quietly placed forward compared to the upper jaw of adults. This makes the upper front tooth of the kids to become more prominent and forwardly placed making it easy for the injury.

TOOTH CHIPPING is one of the types of tooth trauma common in children.


Tooth chipping is a complete/incomplete crack to the baby tooth (most commonly front tooth),that may involve chipping only a part of the tooth, commonly involving the lower third of the kid’s front tooth.

Your child may not feel any pain or he/she might have mild sensitivity later. But this gives really a bad esthetic appearance to your kid while he/she smiles,

And hence, it has to be treated with your pediatric dentist to restore your child’s beautiful smile.

In this case a small restoration of the baby tooth can be done if just a part of enamel has been chipped off, or if considerable tooth loss has taken place your pediatric dentist will restore it with tooth colored crown.

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