Importance of an exclusive Paediatric dental practice

Importance of an exclusive Paediatric dental practice

Importance of an exclusive Paediatric dental practice

Somebody once said:

….and I’m sure you all agree!

Similarly, in a health perspective, you cannot actually control the occurence of disease in a child. Children are exposed to different environments. Children fall sick. It’s a given thing.

But we can change the way they perceive doctors. Doctors are not all about sharp needles and nasty medicines..! It is important that children have a pleasant experience so that they may be influenced to have a positive attitude towards health, throughout their lives. That is how paediatricians evolved. That is also how, paediatric dental surgeons evolved.

  1. In dentistry, especially, the child has to be extra cooperative, as they have to sit on the chair and allow somebody to work inside their mouth. Prescribing pills or syrups is only secondary. Therefore, it is a MUST that the environment be child-friendly. Because, otherwise, one bad experience and the child is going to be traumatized for life about dental treatment!
  2. Children are very easily impressionable. They learn a lot by observing their peers. So, if some other child is going happily for his/her dental treatment, they also will be motivated to. This is the other advantage of an exclusive paediatric practice.
  3. A child’s mouth is significantly smaller than an adult’s mouth. Paediatric dental surgeons are trained specifically to work inside such restricted spaces..!
  4. Many oral diseases can be caught early or steps be taken to prevent it altogether. Therefore, just like how a paediatrician is needed for your child’s general health, it is imperative that parents develop a relationship with their nearest paediatric dental practice at the earliest, so that we may take care of your child’s oral health needs.

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