In the present buzzy life, the importance of parents role in developing good oral health of the children is often neglected or minimal quality is time is being spent for educating and motivating the kids for good oral hygiene. Changes in the dietary pattern have already made an adverse effect in the oral health of upcoming generation. Frequent exposures to the sugar containing food, either packed or homemade is becoming unavoidable. So parent’s role in the child oral health is mandatory.

Educational points for parents

Child teeth start developing at the first six months. So a good healthy diet is necessary for proper growth.

Next the first permanent tooth erupts at the age of 6, which is the ideal age for a check up to your paediatric dentist? Making a visit once to paediatric dentist marks the milestone in the good oral care of child.

During 6-12 years, the milk teeth will fall and the permanent tooth will start erupting so this is a crucial age for monitoring the dental chart for teeth eruption. Visiting your paediatric dentist 6 months once will ensure the proper oral health care.

Here are some simple tips to guide your children oral health.                           


Be an example

Instead of asking children to brush twice, make them accompany with parents while they brush in day and night time. This has a significant memory impact on the children. They tend to follow it for rest of their life time.

Tell, show, do

It is a simple technique as the name implies. Tell them how to brush, show them brushing and do along with them. Flossing can be done after the age of 12.

Digital media

In todays world everything is available in the digital media such as animated brushing technique and flossing technique etc. A visual experience makes them get more involved.


 Making the children aware of the adverse effects of poor oral heath such as early childhood caries, gum diseases will make them realize the maintenance of good oral health.

Paediatric dental visit

A consultation from your paediatric dentist will always give you the knowledge of proper brushing & flossing technique. Every child teeth has a story to tell. Paediatric dentist will make a complete check up on your child’s oral health.

Cost versus benefit ratio of preventive versus therapeutic care in pediatric dentistry stands at 1:40. So every one rupee spent at preventive assessment helps a long way in avoiding therapeutic care at the cost of forty rupees.

So, it is our Kidz ‘n’ Teenz duty to bring awareness to the public.

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