Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry Chennai

We are one among the few exclusive kids dental clinics in India to practice laughing gas dentistry (or) sleep dentistry on a regular basis for children. We are also the first in Tamil Nadu to introduce this in an exclusive pediatric dental setup. Its use is basically to reduce the dental anxiety and fear for dentistry among children.The pediatric dental specialists who handle this form of dental sedation in our clinics are expert doctors in sleep dentistry(N2O2) for kids. Both our dental clinics at Annanagar and Pallikaranai are equipped with the needed infrastructure to perform sleep dentistry effectively and efficiently for children.

It is technically called as NOIS ( Laughing gas inhalational sedation ) which is utilised by good pediatric dental specialists in most part of the developed countries to handle dental problem for children with least possible discomfort . The ideology of KIDZ ‘N’ TEENZ to inculcate this into our day to day dental practice is that no children who come to us for dental treatment should leave our dental operatory crying after treatment with us. So NOIS along with audiovisual distraction like cartoon and music make a good combination to distract children from anxiety, fear and pain during dental treatment .So when the children are enjoying the visuals while the pediatric dental specialist at annanagar and pallikaranai are enjoying treating the kids under sleep dentistry.

As doctors, the advantage personally what we feel is that we do not get burned out handling multiple kids in a single tightly packed appointment schedule in a day. NOIS helps the child to have a pleasant outcome of the dental treatment. Sleep dentistry also enhances the quality of care rendered to the child by the pediatric dentists at KIDZ N TEENZ. Regarding the safety of use NOIS is always administered with a mixed dose of oxygen which is normally higher than what we breathe from the atmospheric air. So there is no chance of the child landing up with any kind of breathing difficulty during the dental procedure.

We pediatric dentists at KIDZ N TEENZ in annanagar and pallikaranai are stalwarts in Tamilnadu to propogate this concept of dental sedation for children. “NOIS creates noise about our pediatric dental practice”