We live in a sports-minded society where millions of kids and children are keen on playing various kinds of sports including athletics.
Sporting is a healthy practice but the bitter truth is that it always accompanies injuries where facial and dental injuries are most common among other injuries of the body.

The most possible sports activity your children might get an injury
• Bicycling
• Athletics
• Basketball, volleyball
• Badminton, Tennis etc…
• Swimming

Swimming is the most entertaining sports for children usually during summer times, and the common dental problems swimmers usually face include,

  • Athlete’s swimmers who often swim more than 6 hours a week, expose their teeth to a large amount of chemically exposed water.
  • Pool water usually contains chemical additives like chlorine leading to the breakdown of proteins in saliva and thus depositing dark brown tartar usually on the front teeth.

What could be the possible effects on the face and teeth after an injury?
• Abrasions, lacerations on facial skin
• Chipping, cracking of the tooth
• Broken tooth
• completely knocked out tooth

• Fracture of jaw bones etc…

Emergency care is the most important thing to be done to the children met with sports.
Are the parents who are having a look at this are aware of dental emergency care?
This is a survey fact for parents to know how bad awareness is among people regarding dental trauma due to sports,

  • Visit a doctor immediately-16.6%
  • Clean the wound and then visit the dentist-26%
  • Clean the wound and take medications for pain-18%
  • Children not visiting the dentist -26.6%

• Helmets
• Facemasks
• Mouth guards

How a pediatric dentist will help you find a way in case of sports injury to your children?
• She/he gives the best counseling to parents regarding the dos and don’ts in sports injury for better prevention
• The treatment in emergency cases of injury to your child is always best provided by them.