Tag: Exclusive kids dental centre chennai

Tag: Exclusive kids dental centre chennai

Why public seek dental treatment as a last resort in India?

In the entire world there are three categories of countries – Developed , developing and under developed based on the global economic scenario . You might think why am I talking about this in this context?  Do we have some link in this regard to dentistry? Yes definitely there is a strong link cited in the Scandinavian  countries with scientific literature that developed countries take preventive attention to teeth much more than therapeutic attention .

The reason cited in developed countries is that their education background is much better and because of this more awareness to health and they have a better socio-economic balance in the country as a whole .  So the government itself is self-sufficient and people living are self sufficient for their basic needs and health care. Because of the above cited reason a lot of research and awareness activity is carried out in dentistry pertaining to preventive care . That is why they focus more on preventive care than therapeutic care .

In developing and under developing countries like India , China and African countries,  we are the other way round. We are more in the process of getting our basic needs balanced . So people get basic health access only when the problem arises, hence most of them resort at the last movement . Moreover teeth is considered as the most non-important organ in the body even though it is the most utilized organ in the body on a day to day basis . So public please take care of your teeth with a good dentist regularly and make teeth life simpler and healthier.

Note :  God’s given teeth for any reason cannot be matched by your dentist given teeth “

So , again I repeat    “ Take care of your teeth“ . 

How to prevent caries?

  1. Brush twice a day quickly and effectively
  2. Do flossing/ interdental brush based on the space between teeth.
  3. Use fluoride containing mouthwash and toothpaste, if you are prone to caries.
  4. Avoid sugary and sticky food. In case of sugar consumption brush your teeth preferably after every meal.
  5. Drink lots of water and fluoride containing beverages.
  6. Eat crunchy, bright coloured and fibre containing foods like carrot, celery, apple, nuts, sprouts, bran, etc.
  7. Certain foods like cheese, milk, yogurt, seafood are known to prevent caries.
  8. Chew non sugary gums often because it increases your salivary flow.
  9. Avoid frequent snacking as it exposes your teeth to constant bacterial attack.
  10. Visit your dentist every 6 month to make sure no caries develop by applying sealants and fluoride varnishes. Give proper attention to any cavities in the beginning to avoid any pain or discomfort later