What are the uses of a full mouth X-ray?

What are the uses of a full mouth X-ray?

Often, we advise the parent to take a full mouth X-Ray called an OPG or Orthopantomogram.

More often, we get this question in return- “Doctor, but why this? Why can’t we go for the small film?”

So let us have a look at the innumerable uses of OPG:

1. OPGs are extremely useful, especially in children. This is because we can see the status of both the milk teeth and permanent teeth in the child’s mouth. So, we can see if all the teeth are erupting in the right track or there is some delay.

2. If there is some delay in development, we can easily see the cause for it. It may be some infection or tooth may be rotated or there might be some obstruction blocking it.

3.In a child who is very anxious, these are the best because the film is outside the mouth unlike the other type where we have to hold film inside the poor child’s mouth!

4. Not just the teeth, it is possible to see the status of the bones of the jaw and the nose also. Basically any fracture/ breathing problems can be evaluated.

5. Lastly, and the most common reason- cavities! If your child has multiple teeth with “holes”, it is better to take a full mouth X-Ray and see all the teeth in one single film.

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