Why public seek dental treatment as a last resort in India?

Why public seek dental treatment as a last resort in India?

In the entire world there are three categories of countries – Developed , developing and under developed based on the global economic scenario . You might think why am I talking about this in this context?  Do we have some link in this regard to dentistry? Yes definitely there is a strong link cited in the Scandinavian  countries with scientific literature that developed countries take preventive attention to teeth much more than therapeutic attention .

The reason cited in developed countries is that their education background is much better and because of this more awareness to health and they have a better socio-economic balance in the country as a whole .  So the government itself is self-sufficient and people living are self sufficient for their basic needs and health care. Because of the above cited reason a lot of research and awareness activity is carried out in dentistry pertaining to preventive care . That is why they focus more on preventive care than therapeutic care .

In developing and under developing countries like India , China and African countries,  we are the other way round. We are more in the process of getting our basic needs balanced . So people get basic health access only when the problem arises, hence most of them resort at the last movement . Moreover teeth is considered as the most non-important organ in the body even though it is the most utilized organ in the body on a day to day basis . So public please take care of your teeth with a good dentist regularly and make teeth life simpler and healthier.

Note :  God’s given teeth for any reason cannot be matched by your dentist given teeth “

So , again I repeat    “ Take care of your teeth“ . 

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