Zirconia Crowns For Kids

We KIDZ N TEENZ team provide your child an esthetic alternative to the traditional pediatric restoration. Zirconia crowns will help keep your child’s self-esteem high and their smiles shining during their early years.

The dental specialists team of our KIDZ N TEENZ dental centre at pallikaranai and Anna nagar are pioneers among pediatric dentists in Chennai and they are highly skillful in treating children with zirconia crowns.

Why we prefer zirconia crowns for your children? They are:

  • Esthetically superior and gives natural look.
  • They are highly durable and 9 times stronger than natural teeth.
  • Zirconia crowns are acceptable by children since they are tissue loving and requires less operatory time.
  • Zirconia crowns are less traumatic.
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Our kids at KIDZ N TEENZ DENTAL CENTRE at Pallikaranai and Anna nagar treated with zirconia crowns are countless with our boundless experience hands.

The only advantage is that It needs a skilled pediatric dentist o handle the work and also the cost. We KIDZ N TEENZ team at both Pallikaranai and Anna nagar work to bring the best of your child. Considering the overall benefits definitely it is a good choice parents can consider for their valuable child from our skilled experienced hands.

Concerned parents now do not have to settle for unesthetic metal crowns . Health and confidence promoting options now exist that provide children and parents with second option of choosing zirconia crowns which we pioneer pediatric dentists at KIDZ N TEENZ dental centre both at Pallikaranai and anna nagar, Chennai.

We are one among the leading pediatric dental centres in restoring your child’s smile back to beauty.


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